Xu Shuchang predicts that the peak season of influenza will come again. Students returning to school after summer vacation should pay attention to personal hygiene

Recently, the confirmed flu rate in Hong Kong has reached as high as 8.6%, which is gradually approaching the influenza base rate of 9.2%. Most of the cases are related to H3N2. Xu Shuchang, Chair Professor of the Division of Respiratory System at CUHK, predicts that Hong Kong will enter the peak period of influenza again, because many citizens have not been exposed to influenza virus during the three-year epidemic period, have no antibodies in their bodies, and have not received influenza vaccination, so even if the winter influenza is over , There is also a chance of influenza outbreaks in summer, and it is recommended that citizens get vaccinated against influenza as soon as possible.

Xu Shuchang pointed out that this year, the number of deaths from serious complications of influenza in children has increased to 4. Among them, a 25-month-old boy died of acute necrotizing encephalopathy complicated by respiratory failure after being infected with influenza A. Moreover, according to the Department of Health, the cases of rhinovirus and respiratory syncytial virus in children are on the rise. Xu Shuchang appeals to parents to pay more attention and be careful about the personal hygiene of their children when they return to school after summer vacation.

As for the new crown virus, Xu Shuchang pointed out that the epidemic situation in South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore and other places showed signs of recovery. Hong Kong people should be careful when traveling to related areas and avoid going to crowded places. He mentioned that foreign pharmaceutical companies are developing the third-generation COVID-19 vaccine against the XBB virus. Current studies have shown that the antibody is effective, and it is expected that it will be introduced in Hong Kong within 2 to 3 months at the earliest. He also reminded that high-risk groups such as the elderly and chronically ill patients should receive booster doses in time and should not wait for the third-generation vaccine.

Source from Parents Daily