Our Program based on the guideline of Education Bureau, the curriculum aims to help children achieve through six Learning Areas, which are “Physical Fitness and Health”, “Language”, “Early Childhood Mathematics”, “Nature and Living”, “Self and Society” and “Arts and Creativity”. To encourage them to build up a positive values and attitudes and enhancing self-confidence as well as self-care abilities.

The theme of our program is “ Learning through playing”. We encourage the students to think, to ask and to solve the questions as they are capable to. We also provide Multimedia Learning and field trip through the course for 2 to 6 years old child to motivate them to explore more. The language development is also important for children, that’s why we provide the Parent-child Reading program to encourage them to read, to learn and to communicate.

Parents can view the report of Quality Review for our school ‘vertical’ curriculum through the Education Bureau website.

The comments of school

~ The program is comprehensive, can cover the different aspect of children and match the development level of them.

~ The teacher can adjust the level of the program, to make the learning more effective.

~ The teacher take care of the child and fulfill the need of them. They also well prepared before the lesson, so the child can meet the standard of their learning target.

~ Provide Multi-Sensory learning for the child.

~ The teacher uses a lot of questions to motivate children to think and express the idea that they want to share, especially in their daily life.