Blowing air-conditioning will make you sick. How to enhance children’s immunity?

Many children and their parents have some outdoor activities in summer, and then feel very hot, so they want to enter the shopping mall to enjoy the air-conditioning. A sneeze at this time can easily catch a cold. How should parents deal with this problem? We can divide it into two parts. The first part is how to take care of them, and the other part is about diet to enhance children’s resistance.

First of all, before entering the mall, we should not enter immediately when it is too hot. When you sweat a lot, you need to wipe off the sweat. In fact, sweat will take away the heat from our body, so in the process of wiping sweat, it can make the sweat evaporate more easily, and can also take away part of the heat from our body. It would be better if we walked into the mall when the body was cooler.

Also, keep a coat on hand at all times. All adults need a shawl, and the shawl is better. On the other hand, if the child’s clothes are soaked, we should prepare an extra piece of clothing to replace, so that the clothes will not stick to the back and make him catch cold. In fact, the current sweat towels are very long and can be placed on the back. After taking out the sweat towel to wipe the sweat, the clothes can be kept dry.

In terms of diet, we can pay attention to whether children have a balanced diet. But keep in mind that children must have a partial eclipse, because they are still young, and they will have many opinions if they want to be independent. but when we persist
Let them continue to try every kind of food. If they don’t eat it today, they will continue to try it another day. He may try to eat it. After eating too much and getting used to it, he will not have a partial eclipse. Maybe the time he tried it, it didn’t matter if he wanted to spit it out as soon as he put it in his mouth, because he had already tried the taste. But everyone can continue to try with indomitable spirit.

Except that we want children to eat, I would suggest adding some millet to cook rice, because millet contains many different vitamins and minerals, which can enhance resistance, especially rich in vitamin B complex, as well as calcium and iron. In addition, remember to eat all fruits and vegetables, not just forget to eat fruits while studying and going to school. And vitamin C will help us increase our resistance.

Of course, there is also meat, but in fact, there is no need for too much, too much will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, so how much is enough? For example, for children aged 2 to 3, a portion about the size of one and a half Cantonese sparrows is enough, and it is not enough to eat a large portion like a whole piece of pork chop. One to two cups of milk a day is also a good “super food”, because milk itself contains many nutrients, we call it a versatile food.

Having something like this helps kids build their foundation without us needing to take supplements. Because it is inevitable that you will not know if you are taking too much supplements, especially now that many people are taking fish oil pills. In fact, the amount of fish oil pills may be too much, and bloody stools tend to be thinner.

Another problem is that fish from unknown sources may be at risk of contamination. It is better if you can eat fresh fish, red shirt fish has a lot of (Omega-3) fatty acids.

Finally, I can make some soup. This soup is what my own children will drink. After drinking it, their resistance is better. They will not often go home with illness after school, and they will not often miss school. It is “walnut cashew chestnut soup”. I will buy two taels of walnuts, two taels of cashew nuts, half a pound of chestnuts and some corn and carrots, with or without lean meat. Because it has a very sweet taste, this soup can actually be enjoyed by the whole family, even babies over one year old can drink it, which can strengthen the resistance and prevent illness.

Source from Parents Daily